Abbey Knows How to Digitize Old Photos

I have always been enthralled with people from the past and discovering the lives they lived through the clues they left behind. After years working for a house museum and focusing on the story of that family, I decided to turn towards my own family and discover what stories we had and find the best way on how to digitize old photos.

In 2014, while I was finishing my MA degree in Museum Studies, my grandmother (our family’s historian) fell ill. When she passed, no one knew what to do with all the memorabilia she left behind in a broken-down cedar chest. I undertook the process of carefully digitally archiving my family's past using my skills and experience in the museum field.

While undertaking this project, I wondered what others do when placed in a similar situation and Modern Memory was born. Digitizing slides old photos, creating memory boxes, and orally documenting family history is my specialty. My family’s excitement over the discoveries we shared over the course of our collection's archival project was infectious.

If you would like to undertake your own familial expedition, please contact us!