Memory Box Ideas

A Window to the Past

Memory Box Ideas For Baby or Wedding Keepsake

Modern Memory has several memory box ideas, for baby memory boxes, a wedding keepsake box, or bereavement memory boxes. Photos, letters, ticket stubs, and theatre programs are all mementos that help conjure vivid memories as time goes by.

With Modern Memory’s Memory Box package, our professionals can help you display these treasures in a way that tells their story with opportunities to create a window that will help link our past with our present. 

How to Make a Memory Box

With the purchase of this package, the heritage professional will come into the home of the individual. During a one-on-one session, our professional will offer many creative memory box ideas to create a personalized memory box with your loved one over the course of an afternoon, after which this creation can be displayed and serve as a reminder of their past.

Package includes:

  • Pre-session meeting to develop a theme for the memory box
  • Memory Box kit, which includes the necessary equipment to put the box together
  • In-home box creation session with heritage professional 
  • A post-session report that will provide a written map and legend for the contents of the box



Contact us for more information and to set up an appointment with your loved one.
Determine what memorabilia will be included in the box.
Contact us via phone or email for the pre-session consultation.